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CEO (Patron)

Mrs. Swati Pal

On the onset of my message I would I like extend my hearty congratulations and good wishes to all students, staff and faculty members on setting up Surya Group of Institutions Alumni Association (SGIAA) on the occasion of New Year i.e. 1st January 2016.This auspicious beginning of SGIAA will certainly enhance the opportunities of a bright career to the students.

SGIAA is being established to foster, renew and promote activities which will enrich the lives of its students. SGIAA will provide an excellent platform for networking of the entire distinguished alumnus. SGI, Lucknow, is one of the front ranking academic institutions in India. Established in 2005, it is a premier institution in the country helping to deliver quality human resources. The Surya Group of Institutions can take justifiable pride in that its fraternity has eminently contributed to the Corporate Sector, Government Departments, and Defence Organizations, Civil services, Academia, R & D activities and entrepreneurial ventures both in India & abroad.

On behalf of the SGIAA, we seek your support and look forward to your participation in the creation of a longstanding legacy of which we can all be proud.
With best wishes


Prof. Dr. J. Prasad (M.Tech, Phd.)

"Have a joyous and cheerful New Year"
Setting up of Surya Group of Institutions Alumni Association (SGIAA) on the occasion of New Year i.e. 1st Jan 2016 will be a good omen in our pursuit of quality education. Surya Group of Institutions is a place of academic excellence in India and has made significant and unparalleled contribution to society in terms of producing numerous dignitaries and scholars who are serving different domains in India and abroad.

The motto of Surya Group of Institutions is to transform its students into an enlightened and liberated entity and make student a torchbearer of the values of rationality, truth, equality and equanimity.

The College Alumni Association will work in bringing together eminent men and women from all walks of life on every Annual function. This will enrich the College in its academic activities as well as Social work. I am sure that auspicious beginning of SGIAA would bring together all alumnus and provide an opportunity to interact on various issues concerning college and mutual welfare.

I wish the Association and its forthcoming events all success and urge all concerned to scale greater heights of success in future


Er. Amit Srivastava, (M.Tech.)

I am humbled to serve the Surya Group of Institutions, Lucknow. We all have witnessed the glorious past of the college and we are committed to the betterment of education system with consistent perseverance; and incorporation of Surya Group of Institutions Alumni Association (SGIAA) would certainly add a feather to the cap of this college.

Surya Group of Institutions Alumni Association (SGIAA) will focus on increasing the percentage of alumni who contribute in any constructive way since "alumni participation rate" factors into progress of the college. We will achieve this goal through encouraging alumni participation.

Another focus for SGIAA will be on supporting our students - our future alumni. We plan to identify ways to incorporate students in alumni activities, including mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, networking and ultimately, jobs and internships. We will continue to support and work closely with our team.

I encourage all the alumni to get involved generously with SGIAA. Your input on the SGIAA would be indispensable in helping us to accomplish our goals.



As a dynamic organization, keen on the excellence Surya Group of Institutions, Lucknow is pleased to announce the setting up of Surya Group of Institutions Alumni Association (SGIAA).It would be the pursuit of Alumni Association to nurture a lifelong intellectual and emotional relationship with the college and amongst Alumni; and to provide sustainable platform for effective networking, goodwill and support.


  • To play a proactive and supportive role for the college, it's students and the institution at large.
  • To serve as a link between the institution's faculty, students, management and the industries.
  • To bring about an effective, cohesive and mutually beneficial networking.
  • To project and promote the college to industrial houses and creating a brand image.
  • Create database of graduated students & create a networking of the Alumni association.
  • To arrange get-togethers.
  • To propagate the feeling of belongingness to the community.
  • To foster and perpetuate friendship and cooperation among the alumni.
  • Organizing reunions on the College campus or other places.
  • Fostering and keeping alive loyalty to the College and a continuing concern for its welfare;
  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Institute so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.


Chief Exectuive Officer

Mrs. Swati Pal


Prof. Dr. Janardan Prasad
(M. Tech., Phd.)


Er. Amit Srivastava


  • Er. Geetesh (B.Tech)
  • Er. Shikha (B.Tech, M.Tech)
  • Er. Nupur (B.Tech, M.Tech)
  • Er. Ashutosh (B.Tech)

Alumni Spot Light


It’s a matter of pride that number of students of SGI has placed in government organizations as well as in national and multinational companies in India and abroad. The details of few of them are given here

Abhilasha Mittal


Computer Science
State Bank of India


Electronics & Comm.
Punjab National Bank
Sneh Potaliya


Electronics & Comm.
Micromax, Dehradoon
Ela Awasthi


Electrical & Electronics
Lucknow Public School
Kumud Pant


Electronics & Comm.
Punjab & Sindh Bank
Rishabh Tiwari


Computer Science
Wipro Technologies


Ruby mishra


Computer Science & Engineering
Vishwajeet Sinha


Comp. Science & Engineering
Pratyush Srivastava


Electrical & Electronics
Yash Agarwal


Comp. Science & Engineering
Endure Soft Solution
Gunjan Singh


Electronics & Comm.
Soni Ericson India
Shatanjeev Sisodiya


Electronics & Comm.
HCL India